How do I customize my intake questions?

With GO!, you can customize your new file intake process and create multiple workflows to support different types of transactions!


Our innovative chat-like intake form is revolutionizing the way real estate contracts are handed-off. To make this process the best experience for every user, we replaced the need for an agent to complete a form with “Intake Workflows”. This will give you the ability to include or exclude information during your intake based on your specific needs. You can also add your own customized questions!

For a Team or Services Account, access your intake workflows by selecting  your "Settings" tab in the header. Select “New Workflow”, and enter your preferred settings. Voila! You have created a customized intake form! 

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 11.22.44 AM

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 11.23.33 AM

GO! offers the ability to create multiple workflows for your account. For example, if you are a services account that manages a team where you have a buyer form, seller form, and listing form- you can create these within that team's account and select which one applies when submitting a new file!


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