What can I do with the Dotloop integration?

Using the Dotloop integration, you can sync documents, contacts, details and dates.

Preclose GO! Integration

Integrating Preclose GO! with your Dotloop account allows real estate transaction coordinators to go from contract to closing with just a few clicks. Avoid double, even triple entry. Once you have an accepted offer, you can share a custom closing plan with your buyers or sellers. Everyone gets a step-by-step action plan to keep closings on track and has 24/7 access to progress. No more phone tag, constant status updates, or interrupted vacations. 

With the integration, you can:

  • Import Documents, Contacts, Details and Dates from Dotloop into Preclose GO!
  • Reconcile Dates and details for over 30+ fields and push the information back into Dotloop to keep both systems in sync.
  • Quickly send out communication using this information via @tokens in GO!
  • Allow your buyer or seller access to important information with Preclose GO’s branded client experience

Dotloop and Preclose GO! is really quite easy to use. Here are the answers to some FAQs: 

Q: Where do I activate the integration with Preclose GO!?

Log into your Preclose GO! Account, click your profile picture on the top right-hand side, select My Profile, and scroll to the Dotloop section.

Q: How many dotloop accounts can be linked to a Preclose account at a time? 

Only one account can be synced per user at a time.

Q: I am an Admin in Dotloop and I don’t see all my loops pulling in?

You will need to be directly added to the loop with a role in order for the loop to show in Preclose GO! Add yourself, or ask your agent to add you with a role as Transaction Coordinator to the loop.

Q: What data syncs with Preclose?

There are 30+ fields that are synced with Dotloop. You can also import documents, contacts, details and dates from Dotloop. And, you can push details and dates back to Dotloop. The ability to import custom fields from Dotloop to Preclose, as well as push documents and contacts back to Dotloop will be coming soon! The more information entered into dotloop, the more we can transfer to Preclose.

Q: Does the data automatically refresh if new documents are added to dotloop?

You can reconcile Dotloop at any time! And, if the systems are out of sync, you’ll see a window that tells you exactly what is out of sync to quickly correct it.

Q: Are there additional fees involved?

A: No, there are no additional fees outside of the individual costs of each platform. You must be on the Preclose GO! Pro or Broker plan to use the Dotloop integration.


More enhancements are coming, reach out to us and we are happy to help!